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Memento Mori...

Obituary Announcement       

It transmits a good word to those who have lost loved ones to comfort them and teach that death does not have to be and is not the ultimate way in our path. God Bless for them.

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Obituary Announcement


Anno Domini 2017

memento Mori

There are only two spiritual forces on which life depends, as well as material and intangible activities undertaken by people. It is God and Satan - Good and Evil. The third force is not there, it has never been and will never be. Any thought, activity, whatever man has done has its relation in God or in Satan. Of course, a man has the free will given to him from the Creator, and he is not under any pressure (although the devil's temptation for some form of pressure can be recognized), but every action and thought serves God or Evil.
Man in his existential, material being often forgets or even does not want to know that his whole earthly life is subordinated to the struggle of the Good with the Evil. Inside man is the constant struggle of Lord of Life with the Spirit of Darkness for his immortal soul. The struggle is conditioned by the free will of every divine being, which is every human being. The fact that humans is evil does not mean that God's conception of man is lost (created in his own image and likeness), but individual moral fallacy of the sinful being. On the other hand, every choice of good is a great failure of the forces of darkness. It is justified in the axiom that man has given his free will from his Creator. From the eternal Temptress and the Liar apart from the mirage of earthly pleasures he received nothing, for Satan is the creature created by the Supreme God and he is dependent. Sam is not God. He is a fallen angel who, by his pride, obeys God, but does not mean that he has become equal to God. Only the Supreme God in the Holy Trinity. The only one is Lord of all creation on earth and heaven. This article discusses the ultimate thing that awaits each of us. Regardless of the material status, origin, race to each one is written the end of earthly life. What reward or punishment will we receive on the other side, good God left us alone. Throughout our lives, we testify to our relationship and attitude towards God and people and thus we decide where we will be after death. The Holy Roman Catholic Church teaches us that after death we stand before the Divine Judgment and then Heaven or Hell, or Purgatory awaits us. Once upon a time, each of us will come to a good God relationship from all our earthly journey. Let us ask our Lord Jesus Christ to always be worthy and prepared to stand before him and to humbly accept the judgment that we ourselves have committed to the deeds of his whole life. Again, I would like to recall "MEMENTO MORI - remember death". Just as we remember about personal hygiene, eating and drinking, work, friends, birthdays or close friends' names, we also need to remember that death is not a phenomenon that affects everyone around us, and we omit ourselves. I will not miss! But it is not a cause for worry, despair or sadness at all. Death is not the limit behind which is nothingness. It is a gateway to another, better world (I speak of natural death, of course, except for the obvious case of suicide.) Indeed, as I said before, to the better of the world we must deserve all our lives, our actions toward our neighbor, our faith in God, the defense of the Holy Church. Otherwise we will go to the other side, but the place to which we will be addressed will not be too cheerful for our soul to talk about. We must remember that. In today's world so focused on all kinds of material pleasures, open to consumerism and seeing the ideal and purpose of modern human life, science and Catholicism seem to be abnormal, archaic and faith in Heaven, Purgatory and in hell, something unnatural. Unfortunately, Satan is harvesting the fruits of his many years of activities and activities. The Catholic Church, plagued by the unimaginable crisis of the Second Vatican Council, is no longer a barrier that has been around for centuries for the errors of the world. That is why the Catholic ranks must be more determined in the struggle for our Holy Catholic Church to shake off the yoke of modernist tyranny as quickly as possible and return to the healthy teachings he proclaimed from the very beginning of his uprising to the miserable Second Vatican Council. The fight will be heavy but not hopeless.
Let us pray that Heaven accepts new martyrs for Faith, Purgatory clears those who hesitate, and Hell remains inaccessible to defenders of the Holy Catholic Faith!

Krzyż Mrs. Marietta Costanzo, age 87, October 1, 1929 - January 24, 2017
Krzyż Mr. Salvatore J. Fama, age 93, May 8, 1923 - February 5, 2017
Krzyż Mss. Jennie A. Fama, age 80, July 25, 1929 -  March 3, 2010

Mr. Robert C Connelly, age 73,  May 12, 1944 - April 26, 2017


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