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The backbone and driving force of every good Catholic parish are its confraternities and guilds.  Our Lady of the Rosary is blessed to have many such groups, and your membership is encouraged in as many of them as you have time and inclination for.

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Become a "Defender of the Holy Name of God"

Have you heard about the Devotion of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus? It is a devotion that was given by Our Lord to a Carmelite nun, Sister Mary of St. Peter, in France, in 1844, to make reparation for the many sins which offend God the most in modern times.


>>> Promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ

>>>  Litany of the Holy Face.

Those interested to make reparation to the Holy Face on Sundays, see Mrs. June Sheahan. First and second Sunday of the month will begin at 9:30 am (before the Holy Rosary), and the other Sundays will be immediately after 10:00 o’clock Mass.
Fr. Rodriguez.

The Prayers of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus last Sunday were successful. Thank you

Sunday 07/30/2017

Why should we practice this devotion?

1. Our Lord told Sr. Mary of St. Peter that He wanted this devotion established in every diocese of the world.

2. Jesus gave Sister Mary of St. Peter many wonderful promises for those who would practice it.

3. He directed the Pope to establish it by Papal Bull so that it would never perish. This was done by Pope Leo XIII in 1885.

4. God performed miracles for thirty years before the picture of the suffering Face of Jesus to attest to the truth of the revelations made to Sister Mary of St. Peter.

5. Our Lord said to Sister Mary, "Rejoice, My daughter, because the hour approaches when the most beautiful work under the sun will be born."

This devotion was universally practiced before World War I, but has since declined.

This was the favorite devotion of St. Theresa of Lisieux, so much so that she chose for her religious name "St Theresa of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face". She said that the suffering, wounded Face of her dear Jesus was the foundation of all her piety.
In addition, once per year on the principle Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus, Shrove Tuesday, Mass is also offered in our Chapel in honor of the Holy Face, and the Litany of the Holy Face of Jesus is recited after Mass.

For more detailed information, please obtain a Holy Face Pamphlet at the Chapel bookstore, and see June Sheahan.

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