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Guidelines for the Parishioners of our Chapel

In order to provide for the good order of our divine worship and other activities, we have a minimal number of guidelines.  We ask our parishioners to follow these simple rules out of respect for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacramant and concern for their fellow parishioners.

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Dress Code

Since the changes in the Church, few parishes these days have a dress code.  Here, however, we still believe that modest and appropriate attire at Mass is a sign of respect for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and of fraternal charity toward our neighbor.  Please observe the following rules:

  • Women and girls should have their heads covered. (Chapel veils or mantillas are available at the literature table or in the vestibule.)

  • Slacks, short skirts (those which do not extend below the knees), shorts, and sleeveless or revealing clothes are forbidden.

  • Suggested dress for men is jacket and tie.  

  • Jeans and other forms of casual dress are inappropriate.

A Respectful Silence

In many parish churchaes these days, it is considered acceptable to carry on conversations on church before or after Mass, or to mke occasional comments to one's neighbors during the course of the service.

Here, however, we request that you follow the custom of maintaining silence in church before, during and after Mass. It is a sign of reverence in the presence of God and demonstrates your spirit of consideration toward those who wish to pray in silence.

Cell Phones

Please remember to shut off cell phones (or at least turn them on vibrate) before entering the church.


Please avoid taking flash photography during Mass and other services unless prior permission has been given by the pastor.

Chapel Veils

Veils are provided in the chapel vestibule for women and girls entering the chapel without any head covering. Please be sure to return these veils after each use. Note that it is preferred that all women and girls purchase their own veils (available at the Bookstore) so the veils in the vestibule are available for those who really need them.


Please do not park in the driveway between the chapel and the cemetery. Also, please reserve parking in the driveway between the chapel and the convent for those that are either handicapped or who have limited mobility. If the lot is full behind the chapel, you may park across the Stepney Green in the Country Pizza or Peoples' Bank parking lots. Thank you.

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