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The backbone and driving force of every good Catholic parish are its confraternities and guilds.  Our Lady of the Rosary is blessed to have many such groups, and your membership is encouraged in as many of them as you have time and inclination for.

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Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel Choir


Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel Choir is a female choir made up of about eight voices. Our small but dedicated choir is made possible by generous women and girls from the Chapel who love music and desire to use their talents in the service of God.  Another essential member of our choir is our wonderful organist, who not only accompanies our singing but also raises our parishioners' minds and hearts to God by playing ad lib when the choir does not sing.   

All of our choir members know that singing for God’s glory is a special privilege, and wins us special graces.  Not only are we using our time and talents for His service, but we are also helping our listeners unite themselves with God as well.  In particular, singing for High Mass is a true honor, since by singing the words of the priest we participate in the Mass in an even greater manner than the altar servers.  For the Ordinary of the Mass (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Ite Missa Est) we typically use the Gregorian Masses and Credos from the Roman Kyriale.  For the Propers of the Mass (Introit, Gradual/Alleluia/Tract, Offertory, Communion) we are fortunate enough to sing the traditional Latin Gregorian propers, an ancient, unique, and beautiful component of Church liturgy.  

We have an ever-expanding repertoire of hymns, and we welcome suggestions from any choir members and other parishioners. 

We sing for High Mass every Sunday at 10AM, as well as for other special occasions such as the Holy Week Ceremonies, Rogation Days, Marriages, and Funeral Masses. Practices are directly after 10AM Mass on Sunday. 

As of now our choir is composed of women and girls only, of various ages and experience levels.  We would love to include male voices, provided there is enough interest.  Any parishioners who are interested in joining the choir may contact Elizabeth Bouton.

Email: lizbouton96@gmail.com  Tel: (203) 923-3907.  
Organist: Elizabeth Bouton
Directress: Elizabeth Bouton
Choir Members: 
Sr. Bernadette Marie
  Carolyn Clark
  Mary Mendes
  Roseanne Gazy
  Emma Tondre
  Mary Morris
  Sarah Kusterer
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