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St. Philomena's Bookstore

Open to all our parishioners after Sunday Mass, St. Philomena's is a focal point for people to gather and have a cup of coffee with their friends.  With a growing inventory of Catholic books, our little shop has expanded its activities to providing many other items such as rosaries, scapulars, tapes, holy cards, calendars and even bumper stickers.

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St. Philomena's Bookstore

St. Philomena's Bookstore is open in the hall downstairs immediately after Mass 10:00am every Sunday. You can utilize the bookstore to do any of the following: 

* Purchase books and religious items

* Request Masses to be said for special intentions

* Sanctuary Lamp intentions

* We also have a Library where you can rent religious books. In Fhilomena"s Bookstore, you will get a list of religious books, owned. This will allow you to rent a book for you. Welcome!

Request religious items to be blessed (to be picked up the following Sunday)

As to the possible acquisition of religious materials, in our chapel is a great gift for as.

The desire to read the Scriptures is a grace which many of us have experienced. Many of us have at some time felt the desire to read the word of God, the desire to reach for the text of the Bible and noticed a certain ease in reading it. It is a grace to be taken wisely. This grace could manifest itself in different ways: by meeting with a man, an event or during prayer. Very often it is so, that during the reading of the Scriptures, is the desire of his reading, his closeness, the joy of reading. It was as if someone had to do with a letter, which it first totally did not care, and then discovered that it is addressed to him personally.

Bookstore St. Patrick's Day 03/19/2017

St. Patrick"s Day

Bookstore 03/26/2017

Bookstore 03/26/2017

Bookstore 2013 ?

Bookstore 2013 ?

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