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We are part of an extended community of Roman Catholics who deplore the changes of Vatican II and seek to uphold and preserve our traditional faith, liturgy and values.  There are many other communities and groups in this country and beyond, who hold to these same cherished goals as here in our own parish, and their various websites contain a great deal of edifying and inspiring content.  Here are just a few...

Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel

Traditional Roman Catholic Churche.

Our Church

Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments.

Our Parish

Traditional Catholic Family Parish in the Heart of Connecticut.

Our Adolescent Children

Our Children Brought Up in the Catholic Tradition.

Our Service for Christmas

Catholic Tradition that He has given us and which cannot be changed.

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Other Traditional Churches

Father Rodriguez' former chapel in Argentina: click here

Please take a look at the links below if you would like to know more about the traditional Catholic Faith. 


All information on this site is solely for the purposes of reference by interested visitors. The Dominican Priests and Brothers of the Holy Face of Jesus accepts no responsibility for the content on external sites. We do examine the external sites and pages we may use on our website.  However due to the rate in which websites frequently update, we cannot endorse websites. We do not support, in any way, the Novus Ordo Church (Post-Vatican II Church), regardless of external websites that might be used as reference sources on our Catholicism 101 page. The descriptions of sites in these pages have been taken from the pages themselves and are not meant to express the opinions of this community.

Take this heart doctrine of Catholicism, and increase their knowledge.

Catholic Education http://www.willingshepherds.org/
Christ or Chaos http://www.christorchaos.com/
True Restoration Radio https://www.truerestoration.org/
Novus Ordo Watch http://www.novusordowatch.org/
The Oath Against Modernism https://franciscan-archive.org/
Catholic Harbor http://catholicharboroffaithandmorals.com/
Traditional Mass.org Articles  http://www.traditionalmass.org/
Traditional Catholic Sermons http://www.traditionalcatholicsermons.org/
Baptism of Desire www.baptismofdesire.com
Pro Multis Media www.promultismedia.net
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