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Preserving our Roman Catholic Heritage

Our church was founded in 1972 in order to preserve the Faith of our Fathers, which found itself openly under attack from within after the Second Vatican Council.  With the introduction of the new rite of Mass by Paul VI, the very validity of the Sacraments was now called into question, and it became imperative for the faithful to have a place to turn where they could be certain their souls would not be placed in jeopardy and at the mercy of false shepherds.

Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel

Traditional Roman Catholic Churche.

Our Church

Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments.

Our Parish

Traditional Catholic Family Parish in the Heart of Connecticut.

Our Adolescent Children

Our Children Brought Up in the Catholic Tradition.

Our Service for Christmas

Catholic Tradition that He has given us and which cannot be changed.

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I believe in God, the Father Almighty

Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel is a Roman Catholic church, dedicated to preserving the integral faith of our Church, as it was revealed by God and passed down through the tradition of the centuries.  We lament the dangers to souls caused by the so-called reforms of the Second Vatican Council, and offer a haven of true Catholicism where the faithful can turn in the peace and assurance that they may receive all the benefits of the one true faith.  We reject all the novelties and inherent contradictions of modernism within the conciliar "Church", and instead welcome all men and women of good will who want to learn about the Faith of our Fathers, or who simply want to help preserve it for themselves and for their children.

Bombed Tridentine Church

Our Liturgical Worship

O Lord, open thou our lips, and our mouth shall shew forth thy praise...


Liturgical prayer is the expression of our faith, and thus we are equally dedicated to the preservation of the traditional liturgy, as practised before the reforms of Vatican II.  Conscious of the insidious efforts by various liturgical "reformers" as early as the 1950s, we hold steadfast to the rites and rubrics established long before these first steps were taken towards the new Mass and Breviary.  We welcome men and women from all over the world, every race and tongue, who will find, here at Our Lady of the Rosary, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered in the common language of the Church, the venerable Latin Tridentine Mass.

Our Way of Life

O Lord, save thy people, and bless thine heritage...

To be a Catholic is so much more than what we believe and how we worship God.  It goes to the very essence of our being, and it is who we are.  The changes of Vatican II caused a grave identity crisis in the Church--our faith was watered down to make it conform with that of other religions, and our Mass was transformed before our very eyes into a Protestant communion service (the Vatican even brought in Protestant ministers to write the new Mass).  But it went far beyond that, attacking all the peripherals that made us Catholic.  Gone suddenly were the priests in cassocks, and nuns in habit, to be replaced by altar girls, Eucharistic ministers, grinning "Deacon Bobs" with wife and yelping kids in tow, and short-haired, trousered women clamoring to be ordained.  Gone were the old-time disciplines and customs like fish on Friday, genuflections, Sunday morning Mass, Benediction, Rosary processions, tabernacles on the main altar of the Church.  In fact, gone too was the altar itself, the communion rail, the pulpit, the stained glass, the statues, and so on and so on until we were left with exactly nothing of the "old" religion.  All was new, changed, modern, and unfortunately at the same time ugly, false and sacrilegious.  The founders of our parish saw all this very clearly as each gradual change was introduced.  By the early 1970s already, men and women had begun to desert the Church's seminaries, convents and missions.  Even the pews were beginning to empty as Catholics discovered they could be taught the same "faith", and worship God the same way at any of the town's protestant chapels.  The things which had all added up to make them Catholic had ceased to exist, and the faithful discovered they had been left faithless.  Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel dares to remain loyal to the beliefs, the worship, and the whole way of life of our Catholic forefathers.  We do so in the hope of providing a true sanctuary for all those souls given the grace to recognize that "something is wrong" in Rome.


Make me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me...

Newcomers are always made to feel welcome at Our Lady of the Rosary, and we do not necessarily expect them immediately to understand and fit in with our traditional customs and way of life.  We are essentially not very different from anyone else, all trying, hopefully our best, to please God in our various walks of life.  However, we are conscious of our fallen nature, and are all of us sinners and subject to temptations and distractions.  With this in mind, we do adhere strictly to a certain code of behavior, especially inside the church.  if you are new to the traditional way of doing things, we hope you will learn to respect and love our traditions and make them your own.  It is one of our aims in the church to provide a safe haven away from the distractions of the outside world, and to do this we do require an environment in sharp contrast with the giddy and bustling Novus Ordo church, with its loud conversations, its inappropriately casual and sometimes even immodest dress, its buzzing cell phones and uncontrolled children.  We provide kits for our newcomers that explain our dress codes and other regulations, which we hope you will find refreshing rather than intimidating.

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Come for Sunday Mass and rediscover the Catholic Faith as taught through the centuries...

Stay for breakfast afterwards and spend some time with us Sunday 10:00am after Mass.  We'd love to answer your questions and get to know you...

Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii, Ora Pro Nobis!