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Announcements & Intentions...

Announcements & Intentions

Announcements are very important, they allow to organize our lives in the Parish. Informs us about the events occur with liturgies, and gives us information from the Bishop, and our Pastor.

Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel

Traditional Roman Catholic Churche.

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Traditional Catholic Family Parish in the Heart of Connecticut.

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Announcements & Intentions

Announcements and Mass intentions, can be read on our Bulletins handed out after the Holy Mass on Sunday at 10:00 am. It is also available for download from our website:  www.rosarychapel.net 

Conditional: Baptism and Confirmation

Our Dear Bishop McKenna’s policy in regard to Novus Ordo Baptism and Confirmation was to doubt their validity and perform these Sacraments Conditionally to make sure. This means those who were baptized in the Vatican II Church after 1969 and/or Confirmed after 1968, should see Fr. Rodriguez. One cannot be confirmed unless he is certainly baptized.


A baptized person who receives Confirmation knowing that he is in the state of mortal sin, commits a grave sin of sacrilege and receives no grace. He does, however, receive the sacrament validly. If, therefore, he regains the state of grace, he will then receive the graces of Confirmation.
Fr. Connell’s Catechism, 1952


This Liturgical Year has 27 Sundays after Pentecost and we add three Sundays after Epiphany and the last one is  the XXIV after Pentecost.

SUNDAYS AFTER THE EPIPHANY We have 4 Sundays after the Epiphany, during this time we commemorate Our Lady and the Persecutors of the Church. Fr. Rodriguez.

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LENTEN DOVOTIONS:  Stations of the Cross all Fridays in Lent followed by Mass and Rosary at 7:00 pm The Seven Sorrows on Saturdays after 7:00 am Mass.

Mass Cards
Mass cards for St.Patrick’s Day (March 17th) and St.Joseph’s Day (March 19th) are available at the bookstore. Offering is $7.00.


For those wishing to have Masses said, an expected stipend of at least $20.00 must be paid at the time of the request. (more may be offered) If this is to be paid by check, make the check payable to Fr. Rodriguez directly, please.

My Mass intentions are filled until March 28th, and I am preparing a second list for Bp. Morello. We appreciate your generosity for the Mass stipends.
Fr. Rodriguez.

My Mass intentions are filled until March 29th, I’ve already sent Bp. Morello a list, and I’ve sent a list for Fr. Casas Silva also; you may see it in the back of the Church. We appreciate your generosi-ty for the Mass stipends.
Fr. Rodriguez.

My Mass intentions are filled until April 8, Fr. Casas Silva list is placed in the back of the Church. We appreciate your generosity for the Mass stipends.
Fr. Rodriguez.


I have Mass intentions until April 12th.
We have sent a list to Bp. Morello. We appreci-ate your gen-erosity for the Mass stipends.
Fr. Rodriguez.






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