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Altar Servers Schedule...

Altar Servers Schedule

The backbone and driving force of every good Catholic parish are its confraternities and guilds.  Our Lady of the Rosary is blessed to have many such groups, and your membership is encouraged in as many of them as you have time and inclination for.

Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel

Traditional Roman Catholic Churche.

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Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments.

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Traditional Catholic Family Parish in the Heart of Connecticut.

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Our Children Brought Up in the Catholic Tradition.

Our Service for Christmas

Catholic Tradition that He has given us and which cannot be changed.

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Altar Servers Schedule  OCTOBER  2017


You MUST be vested 10 MINUTES before MASS begins.


If you are unable to serve for your assigned Sunday, you MUST notify I the Chapel


48 HOURS ahead of time by calling 203-261-8290.

Service for Christmas

Altar Server Meeting 03/26/2017

Altar 03 26 2017

Young boys working in the service of God in Altar.
Altar Servers Schedule OCTOBER 2017

Sunday, October 1
Mr. Welker MC
Michael Mendes Thurifer
Mike Nazarro  Senior Server
James Morris Junior Server
Thomas Mendes Cross Bearer

Sunday, October 8
James Morris MC
Albert Gazy Thurifer
Giovanny Linero  Senior Server
Christopher Mendes Junior Server
Joshua Linero Cross Bearer

Sunday, October 15
Michael Mendes MC
Mr. Welker Thurifer
Gustav Kusterer  Senior Server
Thomas Mendes Junior Server
Gabriel Parrella Cross Bearer

Sunday, October 22
Christopher Mendes MC
 Michael Mendes Thurifer
Giovanny Linero  Senior Server
Joshua Linero Junior Server
Gustav Kusterer Cross Bearer

Sunday, October 29
Michael Mendes MC
 Albert Gazy Thurifer
Michael Nazarro  Senior Server
James Morris Junior Server
Thomas Mendes Cross Bearer

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