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Preserving the Faith after Vatican II

Our church was founded in Monroe, Connecticut shortly after the ravages of the Second Vatican Council began to obliterate the traditional faith, sacraments and liturgical practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel

Traditional Roman Catholic Churche.

Our Church

Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments.

Our Parish

Traditional Catholic Family Parish in the Heart of Connecticut.

Our Adolescent Children

Our Children Brought Up in the Catholic Tradition.

Our Service for Christmas

Catholic Tradition that He has given us and which cannot be changed.

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About Us, In the Beginnin


Purchased from the Methodists in 1972 by the late Father Francis Fenton of the Bridgeport Diocese and the Orthodox Roman Catholic Movement (ORCM) which he founded, the purpose of Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel was, and continues to be, the preservation of the true Mass and other sacred traditions of the Catholic Church against the new Reformation effected by the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).  As such it is one of the oldest traditional Catholic churches in the country, with a long and stable reputation for providing its parishioners with a doctrinally sound and liturgically beautiful place of worship.

The Growing Years:
Fr. McKenna 

When Father Fenton purchased the chapel in 1972 he appointed a priest from the Dominican Order (Order of Preachers), Father Robert McKenna (left), to be its first pastor.  Fr. McKenna remained as pastor here for almost forty years, and was a well known figure in the local community and elsewhere through his numerous television appearances.

During his tenure as pastor, Fr. McKenna (left below) was consecrated to the episcopacy in 1986 by famed traditional Bishop Guérard des Lauriers (right).

Bishops McKenna and Guérard Des Lauriers

Mgr. des Lauriers had been not only a close confidant of Pope Pius XII, but who was also the author of the famous Ottaviani Intervention exposing the doctrinal errors of Paul VI's new Mass (Novus Ordo Missae).

In 2011, His Excellency Bishop McKenna moved to Michigan, where he is now enjoying a well earned retirement, and continues to offer the traditional Mass for the community of Dominican sisters there. December 16, 2015, died at the age of 88 years old.  

Click and read  >>>   His Excellency Bishop Robert F. McKenna. O.P.

Father Rodriguez' former chapel in Argentina: click here

Father Adan Rodriguez is from Colima, Mexico, south of Gudalajara, near the Pacific Coast. He was ordained by the late Bishop Roberto Martinez who traced his orders back to Vietnamese traditionalist Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc.  Father Rodriguez joined Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel several years ago in Monroe CT as Assistant Pastor, succeeding to the role of Pastor after the retirement of Bishop Robert McKenna.

Fr. Rodriguez is a member of a religious congregation in Argentina, The Company of Jesus and Mary, founded by Bishop Andres Morello. The aim of his congregation and its priests is to revive the spirit and ideal of the Jesuit Order (The Company of Jesus) and its founder St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Fr. Rodriguez often offers two Masses in Monroe before his 3 1/2 hour travel to offer a third Mass in Paulsboro NJ.

Where we're going:

Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel operates a thriving parish, complete with full-time Catholic school for grades K through 12.  Mass is offered daily, and various devotions and other ceremonies are provided during the course of the liturgical year.  Our parish guilds offer wonderful opportunities to become more involved as your time and interests permit.  We are always looking for volunteers to serve Mass, sing in the choir, or work in the church and on the property and grounds.  The enthusiastic participation of our parishioners is one of the hallmarks of Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel, and we welcome your support and talents.

Newcomers are particularly welcome, and we invite you to introduce yourself to one of our priests.  He will be able to answer your questions concerning the traditional Latin Mass and the crisis in the Catholic Church since Vatican II, and guide you towards a fuller understanding of what your own role should be in these difficult times in which we live.

Our aim is to preserve the truth and beauty of our Catholic heritage.  We invite all of you to participate in this our apostolate, and in particular by becoming shining examples of our true Faith by your everyday life, both spiritual and moral.  God calls us all to perfection, and our role is to answer that call with all our love and enthusiasm.  Come and be a part of this work, which was founded not so much by good Father Fenton in 1972, but by Our Lord Jesus Christ himself, when he gave the keys of his kingdom to St. Peter.  This is none other than the Roman Catholic Church, and at Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel we are proud to be an instrument for its continuation, and the preservation of its Faith and Liturgy.

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Come for Sunday Mass and rediscover the Catholic Faith as taught through the centuries...

Stay for breakfast afterwards and spend some time with us Sunday 10:00am after Mass.  We'd love to answer your questions and get to know you...

Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii, Ora Pro Nobis!