Traditional Latin Mass since 1972

15 Pepper Street, Monroe, Connecticut 06468    Phone: (203) 261-8290

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Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel

Traditional Roman Catholic Churche.

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Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments.

Our Parish

Traditional Catholic Family Parish in the Heart of Connecticut.

Our Adolescent Children

Our Children Brought Up in the Catholic Tradition.

Our Service for Christmas

Catholic Tradition that He has given us and which cannot be changed.
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Our Lady of The Rosary 

Address: 15 Pepper Street, Monroe CT 06468      

Phone: 203 261-8290   Emergencies Phone: 203 268-9200

"You can leave a message in English and Spanish."

We welcome Spanish-speaking guests, and confessions are heard in Spanish and English every Sunday and by appointment with the pastor.


Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel operates a thriving parish, complete with full-time Catholic school. Two Masses are offered daily, and various devotions and other ceremonies are provided during the liturgical year. Our parish guilds offer wonderful opportunities to become more involved as your time and interests permit.  We are always looking for volunteers to serve Mass, sing in the choir, or work in the church and grounds.  The enthusiastic participation of our parishioners is one of the hallmarks of Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel, and we welcome your support and talents.

Dear Parishioners. We would like to inform you of some changes in our Bulletne Rosary Chapel. As of October 15th, there is a full list of Announcements on the last page, we invite you to read. God Bless.


Catholic consciousness is not of the heart, but of a strong belief and knowledge in the principles of Jesus Christ. The Catholic faith is never changing.

The complaint of Jesus Christ.

You call Me Master, but do not ask Me.

You call Me the light but do not see Me.

You call Me the way but do not go it.

You see My wisdom, but do not seek it.

You see My beauty but do not love Me. 

You call Me Rich, but do not ask Me.

Eternal you call Me, but do not seek Me. 

You call Me merciful but do not trust Me.

Noble you call Me but do not serve Me. 

You call Me the Almighty and do not worship Me.

And call me righteous and do not be afraid of Me.

When I condemn you, do not be surprised...

Intro to Sedevacantist I: Vatican II' Ecclesiology

Video - From Novus Ordo Watch.


History of Fatima

Video - From Novus Ordo Watch.


During his visit in 2016, Bishop Morello addressed the faithful in our Rosary Chapel with the following speach;

Dear Faithful,

May God bless all of you. This Holy Mass is celebrated for the good of your souls and for all of your relatives living and dead.

Today we celebrate, with the whole of Holy Mother Church, the First Sunday of Advent. Today we begin the preparation for the Nativity of Our Lord, and at the same time a new liturgical year begins; a year which will bring the hundredth anniversaries of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima.

Our Lady, in her immense charity, spoke to men in that year, 1917, in which the Communist Revolution in Russia was exploding. That great scourge which was going to cost the world 60 million deaths was beginning; a scourge which today has changed its economic practices while keeping its principles.


>>> The entire letter addressed to the faithful    


Newcomers are particularly welcome, and we invite you to introduce yourself to one of the priests.  He will be able to answer your questions concerning the traditional Latin Mass and the crisis in the Church, and guide you towards a fuller understanding of what your own role should be in these difficult times in which we live.

Our aim is to preserve the truth and beauty of our Catholic faith.  We invite all of you to participate in this our apostolate, and in particular by becoming shining examples of our true Faith by your everyday life, both spiritual and moral.  God calls us all to perfection, and our role is to answer that call with all the love and enthusiasm we have.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Come for Sunday Mass and rediscover the Catholic Faith as taught through the centuries...

Stay for breakfast afterwards and spend some time with us Sunday 10:00am after Mass.  We'd love to answer your questions and get to know you...

Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii, Ora Pro Nobis!